Embrace diversity, enable the Digital era

High quality digital solutions at the right budget

We make things work together harmoniously

We aggregate data, solutions and talents

We help you focus on your business strategy

Embrace diversity,
enable the digital era

Instead of building (or waiting for) the one perfect versatile solution, we think that the right way to thrive in an ever changing digital world is to embrace diversity.

Latest census revealed more than 10.000 software solutions spread across more than 200 categories!

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Right budget?

Virtual Teams We work with professionals from all around the world to maintain the lowest prices for the highest quality On demand services You ask support only for the parts you cannot handle yourself Tools & Automation Benefit from our R&D efforts and significantly reduce or even eliminate your SysAdmin or DevOps costs Great people You’ll only have to deal with highly competent persons who will never make you waste your time

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High quality solutions?

Open Source philosophy YB publishes free, up-to-date, complete and accessible resources that give the keys to understand and choose the best-suited tools and strategies of the moment.
An active community is supporting newcomers and allows to "DoItYourself"
Agile commitment We always focus on business needs and we never compromise quality Continuous Deployment perspective <Y!b> provides tools to build strong App foundations
quality and ability to evolve are guaranteed through Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration

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Cultural abundancy?

Communication: the cornerstone of success Working with people from all around the world, we know that understand each other and being understood is sometimes difficult. Solutions profusion With an estimate of more than 10.000 solutions, we think that:
• there is no unique solution
• finding the right solution is damn difficult
• most solutions were not designed to work together

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“... and men tried to get closer to the sky but their proud leaders, neglecting human diversity, were overwhelmed by cultural abundancy which soon became confusion and scattered people to the four winds... ”

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